I Just (Got Burned By My Ambition)! Now What? with Tara Rhodes

Hey Friends,

In this last episode of the season, I sit down with Tara Rhodes, a certified leadership coach, to talk all about the concept of ambition.

Tara shares her story of how her ambition has impacted both her personal and professional relationships and the self-reflection process she underwent to shift her focus from being overly ambitious and task-oriented to being driven and values-driven.

We discuss the pros and cons of both being task-oriented and relationship-oriented, the credibility of personality tests, the perception of the word 'ambition', the significance of feedback and communication in personal growth, and how Tara's coaching journey has impacted her perception of ambition.

As an award-winning trainer and facilitator and a certified leadership coach, Tara Rhodes helps emerging leaders define a vision for their leadership so that the people they influence can do their best work. She has been lucky to work with entry level to executive level employees at various company stages, and has come to understand that purpose driven companies can only be successful when their people are confident to do the work required.

Ultimately she is dedicated to helping people gain clarity on the life they want to live, and supporting them develop healthy habits to make that happen. A wife, and mom to two lively boys, she actively practices what she preaches to maintain a healthy balance and presence in her day-to-day life. 

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about Tara
  • Tara's Love for Learning
  • The Negative Side of Ambition
  • The Impact of Ambition on Tara's Relationships
  • Turning Point: Starting Coaching Training
  • Understanding and Embracing the Shadow Side
  • Masculine Energy and its Relationship to Ambition
  • The Role of Personality Tests in Self-Understanding
  • Balancing Task Orientation with People Focus
  • The Power of Vulnerability and Feedback
  • Applying Self-Awareness in Personal Relationships
  • The Shift from Ambition to Driven
  • How to approach highly ambitious Individuals

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