I Just (Got Packaged Out)! Now What? With Michelle Goodridge


Hey Friends,


What happens when you get the call or email that tells you you’re going to be packaged out? 


For my guest Michelle, this became her reality after working for a company for more than 20 years. In our conversation, you will hear how she navigated that moment and what she has created in her life since.


Michelle Goodridge has over 23 years of experience in the real estate franchising industry. Working with the Chairman, President and Co-Founders of RE/MAX INTEGRA and RE/MAX Europe, the largest sub master franchisors under the RE/MAX umbrella. Michelle is an international speaker and has spoken at various real estate conventions around the world, moderated Women’s Leadership Panels and was a panelist on the TRREB 100, Women in Real Estate Task Force Event.


During her tenure with RE/MAX, Michelle was the co-founder of R.E.A.L. – RE/MAX Empowering Ambitious Ladies, a global community of women supporting and challenging women to be the best versions of themselves. This group was the catalyst for launching REAL MG – Real Estate Empowers Ambitious Ladies Management Group allowing all women in the real estate industry, regardless of brand, to participate in this evolving movement. REAL MG also provides real estate consulting and a platform for women investing in real estate to create wealth.


Listen in as we talk about

  • Why Michelle values genuine care and supporting other people
  • Valuing and genuinely enjoying where you work and the people you work with
  • The shock that came with being packaged out
  • What she did the first few days after being packaged out
  • Learning how to take time for herself and travel
  • Will Michelle work for someone else again?
  • Living in and fulfilling on your promises to yourself
  • How fear and doubt showed up or creeped in for Michelle
  • Building an inclusive community of supportive women
  • The importance of paying it forward
  • How fear and scarcity mindset can creep in
  • The mindset shift she has had around retirement
  • Advice for someone else who has gotten packaged out


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