I Just (Graduated)! Now What? with Emily Guerra

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In this episode, we follow Emily's remarkable journey from college graduation to entrepreneurship, navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Emily's initial pursuit of higher education and the pivot she made in her career plans amidst the pandemic set the stage for her inspiring transformation. Moving back in with her family without financial security, she relied on therapy tools she had learned to cope with the uncertainties.

Discover how Emily's shift towards freelancing and eventual full-time entrepreneurship unfolded, fueled by her exploration of productivity research and self-awareness. She shares insights on granting oneself permission to embrace change, especially in times like COVID-19, while addressing the fear of the unknown. With her business-building success, Emily imparts three valuable tips for recent graduates facing uncertainty about their future. Tune in to learn more about Emily's current projects and gain inspiration for your own journey of post-graduation reinvention.

Emily Guerra is a Productivity Life Coach for self-employed women. She created The Productivity Flow to help women like her improve their productivity by improving their overall mindset.

Her goal is to share lessons she has learned through the trials and errors of graduating into Covid, to working for herself straight out of college, and doing more than a decade of therapy so she can inspire others to reach their full potential even faster.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What we should know about Emily
  • What made her think that she needed to go to college and broaden her ideas of what she’d like to do
  • Graduating during the pandemic, moving in with family and not having money
  • Using therapy tools she had learned in the weeks and months after graduating
  • Getting different certifications 
  • How her plans for her career changed after COVID
  • Starting to make money freelancing and then making the switch full time
  • Going down the research phase of productivity 
  • Developing self awareness
  • Giving yourself space and permission to try something new
  • Taking advantage of something like COVID to try new things
  • Navigating the fear of the unknown, the fear of changing and the fear of doing something different 
  • Zooming out and building her business
  • Top 3 tips for anyone else who graduates and doesn't know what they're doing
  • What she’s doing next

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