I Just (Had a Seizure)! Now What? with Katherine McCord

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In this episode, we emphasize the importance of vulnerability, as Katherine shares an impactful event wherein she suffered a seizure while abroad in Portugal, erasing her prepared speech to be delivered at a tech conference.

Despite the setback, Katherine still went on stage, shared her experience with the audience, and gave her speech - an act of vulnerability that was well received. As you’ll hear in our conversation, this event sparked a newfound approach to her personal and business interactions. Since then, she uses vulnerability and genuine curiosity as tools to foster psychologically safe spaces and deeper connections. 

From being the little girl who sold shares in her "company" and played HR (even firing her own mother!) to the traveling entrepreneur and speaker that she is now, Katherine McCord has had quite a journey. Katherine has multiple physical and neuro diversities, ranging from MCAS and seizures to Bipolar and OCD, and says, “I am successful WITH my diagnosis, not in spite of them”.

Born in Dallas, Texas she began rescuing animals early on and as an adult became a proud foster mama, even for wolves and exotic animals. She currently lives in Florida and runs a company called Titan Management, which she founded in 2014 with the purpose of shaking up HR and recruiting.

She also hosts two shows, Career Launch Live and Super Mania Show, and is the COO and Board Member of the international neurodiversity and nonlinear group, The Octopus Movement.

Highlighting the power of being vulnerable and asking questions, Katherine encourages others to embrace this approach for exponential personal and professional growth.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What’s important to know about Katherine
  • Her story of experiencing a seizure while traveling
  • What this experience taught her about being vulnerable 
  • Learning how to handle peoples’ questions 
  • Identifying opportunities for expansion 
  • Being prepared to let people go in your life

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