I Just (Had To Let Her Go)! Now What?

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This week on the podcast we’re talking about having to let someone you love go!  Our guest Maribel is sharing the story of when her daughter told her she wanted to live with her father, and it crushed her.  She was in denial about it for a long time, but eventually had to come around to the idea of letting her go.    While this story is specific to divorce and letting her kid go live with her dad, many parts of her story are very relatable to anyone who’s had to come to terms with letting someone they love go.    Listen in as Maribel shares how she finally worked up the courage to say yes, and how she processed the loss. 


Maribel Orgegal is a coach and consultant dedicated to the career and leadership development of women. I help women go from manager to leader without the overwhelm. I am an expert on advancing women and engaging men. I support women in becoming better, more resilient leaders. I am also the co-host of AudaciousNess, a podcast featuring the journeys of audacious leaders and risk-takers.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Getting married young and using her marriage to help her leave her home and go to new places / travel. 
  • Looking back at her marriage and who she was then without regrets, looking at the challenges as lessons. 
  • Turning 30 pushed her to look at her life and decided to make a change and leave her husband. 
  • Packed up her things and left with her daughter with 700Euros in her pocket without a real plan 
  • Her daughter tells her she wants to go to live with her dad, and ignores her. 
  • Finally hears her daughter and opens up a conversation about living with her dad at age 10. 
  • Society expectation of kids living with mothers vs. fathers.  Challenged her own ideas of motherhood. 
  • Living with her father for 8 years from 10-18.  With every other weekend with mom.   
  • “It doesn’t matter where I am, there is always someone missing me”  
  • Was very sad after she left and couldn’t talk about 2 years without getting emotional 
  • Letting her go again at 19 when leaving for school
  • Lessons learned - You can’t control your children's lives 


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