I Just (Joined A Mastermind Group)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens


Hey Friends,  


This week on the podcast I’m celebrating 3 years with my amazing mastermind group! What’ a mastermind you ask?  Well it’s a group who come together to help each other achieve greatness!  My group and I have been meeting every Saturday (give or take a few) for the past 3 years!  And I know they played  a big part in my survival / success.    


Listen in as I talk about:

  • Why and how we formed our mastermind group 
  • The diversity of the group 
  • Goals for year one.  
  • What help us keep going 3 years strong 
  • Many of the things we’ve accomplished as a group over 3 years
  • Why I think being a part of mastermind is essential for reaching your goals
  • We are the average of the 5 people closest to us.  - Increase your average by being around higher quality people! 


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