I Just (Keep Overeating)! Now What? With Lia Pinelli

Hey Friends, 


What’s your relationship with food? I love it!  I love making food, I love eating food. But I know there are foods that I love that don’t love me!  Can you relate? 


Ready to crack the code on your relationship with food and weight? Then you should know Lia Pinelli. She shares her story with weight and weight loss, and how she navigated the challenges she faced in order to transform her mindset and relationship with food.


She is a woman on a mission to help ambitious, busy women free up the mental real estate they’re currently wasting counting calories and carbs, and instead use that energy to create the lives they crave, unapologetically. Having lost 30 lbs. using the same method herself, Lia has helped countless women stop emotional overeating and simplify weight loss from the inside out. Her 90 Days to Food Freedom program teaches what every other weight loss program doesn’t, which is brain-based solutions to solve the REAL problem and end self-sabotage for good. 


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Who Lia is and what you should know about her
  • Her history with overeating and bringing it into her awareness
  • Always being categorized as overweight 
  • Her big awakening and “aha” moment 
  • Developing courses and programs to help girls with their eating habits too
  • Starting to lose the weight in a healthy way 
  • What she learned about herself through being in the coaching space
  • Emotional eating and how stress was a factor in her journey
  • Learning how to handle emotion triggers when it came to eating 
  • The Four C’s
  • Learning exactly what needed to change 
  • What to do with the open brain space of not having to think about our bodies
  • Reacting to body changes with age
  • How to stop an addiction to food
  • The power of permissive thinking
  • What’s next for Lia


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