I Just (Learned A Hard Lesson)! Now What? with Jessica Stephens and Amanda Andere

Hey Friends,

In this week’s episode, join us as we delve into the depths of personal growth and resilience and unpack some really hard lessons I’ve learned through my life. My co-host for this episode  is someone I’ve known my whole life, my Godsister Amanda Andere, who was born 1 month and a week before me and we affectionately refer to each other as our twin! There’s a fun story that we share in this episode about this. 

In this episode, we explore the invaluable wisdom hidden within life's toughest trials, particularly those that hit us where it hurts financially and with relationships.  Discover the transformative power of embracing vulnerability, recognizing that even in moments of financial strain, seeking help can be a powerful catalyst for growth.

Throughout our conversation, we unravel the layers of trust and vulnerability, discussing how these traits have not only enriched our individual lives but also paved the way for significant growth in our relationships with others. We candidly open up about navigating the intricate dynamics of family ties and the art of renegotiating for healthier connections.

We also explore the theme of time - that elusive yet precious resource. We recount our personal epiphanies on the weight of investing time, and how the past three years have reshaped our perspective on its value. Tune in to learn how mindfulness and journaling have become anchors of peace and gratitude in our lives, enabling us to mindfully absorb the lessons life throws our way.  

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How far back Amanda and I go and our connection as God sisters
  • The cost of truly hard lessons
  • Lessons that financially cost us
  • What prevented me from asking for help
  • Why it’s ok to ask for help and guidance 
  • Trust, vulnerability and growing from others
  • Learning hard lessons in relationships 
  • Learning how to understand our own emotions 
  • Renegotiating for relationships and dealing with family relationships 
  • Learning hard lessons about how much time we put into something
  • Being mindful of where our time goes
  • How the last three years have changed my relationship to time
  • Paying more attention and being more present 
  • Finding peace and gratitude in journaling, and being mindful of the lessons learned

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