I Just (Learned I’m Dyslexic)! Now What? With Janielle Mckoy


Hey Friends,


Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you were struggling, didn’t know why, and got a diagnosis that transformed everything?


That’s what happened to my guest, Janielle Mckoy, when she found out she was dyslexic as an adult. As you’ll hear in our conversation, Janielle struggled for years in school and couldn’t quite figure out why. Once she got her dyslexia diagnosis, her life transformed completely.


Janielle Mckoy is a TV fashion expert and wardrobe consultant for film and television. From showcasing her personal style on herself and her clients on and off television, she also shares her experiences living with Dyslexia in the corporate world. She has over 15 years of fashion experience and has worked for conglomerates like Saks Fifth Avenue and  television networks like CBC, BET and Amazon just to name a few. Today, you can find Janielle on popular Canadian morning show “Cityline” with Tracy Moore, where she is sharing the latest fashion trends.


Listen in as we talk about

  • What you should know about Janielle
  • What school was like for Janielle and the kind of student she was
  • How and when her parents knew something was off
  • The lack of support from her guidance counselor 
  • Taking a year off and working at a call center
  • How lack of confidence showed up in her life
  • Getting into college and failing courses 
  • Testing for dyslexia and getting the results 
  • Navigating through the emotions that came with her diagnosis
  • Working in the world with dyslexia
  • Has her honesty about dyslexia ever backfired?
  • Janielle’s go-to tools to help her navigate through
  • What Janielle is doing next


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