I Just (Lost My Business Partners)! Now What? with Sylvie D'Aoust


Hey Friends,


We all know going into business with partners has its risks, but for most entrepreneurs, the rewards outweigh the risk.


But what happens when you go into business and lose your business partners, especially after investing a lot of money to make your business a reality?


Over 20 years ago, Sylvie D’Aoust started a spinning studio from 2001 to 2009. She started with two partners and quickly after the first three months of moving the studio to a physical location, she found herself alone with all the expenses and moving into business on her own. This launched Sylvie to make many pivots within months so she could keep her business afloat.


After unforeseen economic circumstances, she closed the studio and started a family with her new husband. In 2008 she founded the region's largest women's only cycling club - CycleFitCHICKS, which continues to thrive after 14 years. 


Sylvie has been able to help so many women Over 40 get their lives back feel amazing, have more energy, reviving the zest for life with kids, work and play. 


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Purchasing their space and having her two business partners back out
  • The health issues and miscarriage she experienced amidst her business being in turmoil
  • Having her sister come on as a paid employee
  • Developing new programs to keep her business open and afloat
  • Her husband’s affair with a client
  • The emotions behind her best friend pulling the plug on their business dreams
  • How Sylvie got over the hurt and moved into profitability 
  • Deciding to close the doors to her studio
  • Sylvie’s advice for those looking to get into a joint venture


Smiles, Jessica 


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