I Just (Made a New Friend)! Now What? With Jessica Stephens and Sheri Blades


Hey Friends, 

Welcome to Season 5! In this episode, my friend Sheri Blades joins me as our first co-host of the season! And I can’t think of a better person to kick off this new season with!

We talk about forming core friendships and share valuable tips for making and maintaining connections. From rethinking workplace friendships to embracing acts of kindness, we uncover the simple yet powerful ways to foster genuine bonds. We also tackle the challenges of maintaining friendships, including navigating friendships with parents when you don't have kids of your own.

Join us as we delve into the beauty of reconnecting with old friends and explore the intricacies of self-friendship. From debunking the "best friend" myth to understanding the importance of nurturing your own relationship with yourself, we provide practical insights to empower you in building and maintaining meaningful connections.

Get ready for an exciting season filled with heartwarming stories, thought-provoking conversations, and actionable advice on cultivating friendships. Tune in to our season premiere and embark on a journey that celebrates the power of human connection.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • How things are changing in season 5
  • The hubs and I’s honeymoon that never happened
  • Who Sheri is and how we became friends
  • When you form most core friendships
  • Tips for making and maintaining friendships
  • Thinking differently about making friends in the workplace
  • It’s not easy to make friends, but it’s simple
  • The value of kindness in the workplace
  • How to ensure friendships feel genuine and not self-serving
  • Helpful ways to maintain friendships
  • Having friends with kids when you don’t have kids
  • Friendships that feel like no time has passed
  • Why some friendships might need time to warm back up
  • Tips for people who may feel challenged in making friends
  • The problem with best friends
  • How to build up and maintain your own friendship with yourself


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