I Just (Married My Opposite)!! Now What? with Jessica Stephens and Ranjini Cassup

Hey Friends,

I'm super excited to share a very special episode with you all! Today, my amazing co-host, Ranjini and I are taking you on a journey into our own lives, opening up about how we turned our differences with our partners into the glue that holds our marriages together. We both are married to men who are opposite to us in many ways. We talk about the yin and yang within our relationships, how we handle conflicting personalities, likes and dislikes, and finding middle ground in differences.

We've faced tough times with our partners and had to work on our relationships, so we want to offer some advice to other couples who find themselves on opposite ends with their partners

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How we became friends
  • What my husband is like
  • What holidays look like at our house
  • How we have navigated our different personalities over the years
  • Finding a happy middle between our personalities at family events
  • Typical date nights for us
  • Advice for younger couples who might be in similar situations
  • Coming into marriage as two whole people
  • Differences can bring you closer together and not tear you apart
  • Learning how to be happy and independent being on your own.


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