I Just (Moved to the South of France)! Now What? with Judith Keys

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In this episode, Judith Keys shares her remarkable story of making the life-altering decision to move to France in May 2013.

She reflects on her transition from a corporate job in Scotland to the serene landscapes of Provence, all in pursuit of a more fulfilling dream beyond the confines of a standard 9-5 routine. She takes us through her journey of creating new beginnings, and establishing two thriving businesses, "My Food in France" and "My Best Friend in France."

Discover the essence of Judith's mission, which is to help people not only appreciate the delights of French cuisine (and others) through cookery classes and her exclusive online membership but also navigate the social and emotional intricacies of living in a foreign country.

Judith Keys hails from Ireland but has been living in Provence, France for the past ten years, having made the decision to relocate permanently in May 2013. She bid adieu to her corporate job in Scotland, sold her house, and embarked on a quest for a more fulfilling dream, one that transcended the conventional 9-5 routine.

Judith's aspiration is to empower people to thrive and cherish their lives, leveraging her own decade-long experience to aid them in their respective journeys.

Learn how Judith's decade-long experience in Provence has shaped her passion for helping others thrive and savor every moment of their lives.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What inspired her to leave Ireland and move to the South of France
  • How she picked the South of France specifically 
  • Did she feel like she was missing home while on her 6 month sabbatical 
  • What the transition from Ireland to South of France was like, and how she spent her first few months there
  • Starting to work for herself and solidify roots
  • Learning how to cook and host groups of friends 
  • How ‘My Food In France’ started
  • Creating a community around food and the French culture
  • Starting her second business, My Best Friend in France (BFF)  
    • What she loves about creating a space for people to come together and learn about new cultures
    • Helping with the emotional side of relocation
    • Tips for creating a new friend group
    • What you need to hear if you’re feeling trapped in life

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