I Just (Need to Break Out Of this Cubicle)! Now What? Megan Tong

 Hey Friends,  

Where are all the Cubicle Warriors? If you have ever stared at your gray walls in your cubicle and wanted to break free? 

Listen in as we talk about

  • Loving money is not a bad thing. 
  • Being Chinese and the career options she had. 
  • Deciding to become a CPA 
  • Plotting her escape from cubicle life 
  • Started to learn about investing in real estate  
  • Being a young ambitious woman who desired financial freedom 
  • Purchasing her first property at 25 
  • Living at home but paying rent was a way to force saving
  • Living in the basement apartment within the house was a way to make more rent. 
  • Sacrifice - do what most won't, to live like most never will. 
  • The importance of having an exit strategy / escape plan 
  • What is Micro Credit / Micro Finance 
  • Moved to a Cubicle with purpose 
  • Started a side hustle making Meat Pies 
  • Spent her vacation working on her business and decided to quit her job. 
  • Building the business over 5 years and then sold it when her heart wasn’t in it anymore. 
  • Sabbaticals and their benefits of being untethered 
  • Have to jump in the pool to know what it’s like to swim. 
  • The difference between financial planning and money coaching 
  • The mindset of money and behaviors 
  • See what’s possible and believe you can figure it out? 


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