I Just (Need to Grow My Network)! Now What? with Jessica Stephens and Niki Kanani

Hey Friends,

At the beginning of each month I love to come on here with one of my dear friends and talk about a specific topic with them as my co-host! 

In this episode, my friend Niki Kanani joins me to talk about networking, something I know we all try to prioritize, but can often be the last thing we actually follow up on. 

I share my best tips for networking, how to strategically follow up, and how to build a rich network of genuine connections turned friends. In fact, it’s how I’ve managed to build up my network marketing business to where it is today.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How Niki and I met and became friends
  • Making connections with people that focus on the relationship
  • Keeping relationships even after working together
  • Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship and the connections that helped me along the way
  • Finding friends and community amongst a pivot
  • Mastering the ‘follow up’ at networking events
  • The best ways to connect with event contacts
  • Tips for growing your network
  • How to cultivate a rich network

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