I Just (Realized I Have Privilege)! Now What? With Sandhya Jha

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This week’s episode with Sandhya Jha is an important topic around race, culture and oppression. 


As Black History Month comes to a close, we’re sharing this conversation about realizing when you have privilege and what to do next. You’ll hear in our conversation how Sandhya struggled, and continues to face challenges, with being biracial. She talks about how this awareness transformed her perspective and the work she does for marginalized communities.


Sandhya is an anti-oppression consultant who loves to sing and is obsessed with tea (drinking, not spilling). Their fifth book on ancestors and racial justice was published by Chalice Press in September 2022. And if you're a fan of the cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender, you might really like their new podcast, Bending Towards Justice: Avatar the Last Airbender for the Global Majority.


Listen in as we talk about

  • Sandhya’s background and upbringing and how privilege shows up in her life
  • Having her race become invisibilized by her group of friends
  • The eye-opening moment that shifted her perspective about her privilege 
  • Questioning where you belong as someone who is biracial 
  • The controversy around finding freedom in not “belonging” to one particular race or culture
  • Learning that getting to stand up for people of colour is a choice
  • Story from the bible about Esther, and the power she held. “Being put in this position, for such a time as this” 


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