I Just (Took a Ballet Class)! Now What? with Candy Motzek


Hey Friends,

This week’s episode, we follow Candy's inspiring journey of self-discovery through dance. As an adult, she courageously ventured into the world of ballet, defying her comfort zone and embracing the joy of movement.

We explore the pivotal moment when Candy signed up for her first ballet class, navigating emotions of excitement, nervousness, and determination. Despite facing challenges such as ridicule from others, she persevered, sharing how ballet exams taught her valuable lessons in resilience.

Discover how Candy's dance experience extended far beyond the studio, influencing her daily life and mindset. Her story is a reminder of the transformative power of trying something new and the profound impact it can have on confidence and personal growth.

We conclude with Candy's reflections on her journey, offering practical advice for those interested in embarking on their own dance adventure. Tune in to be inspired by Candy's remarkable story and learn how dance can infuse a sense of playfulness into every aspect of life.

Candy is a best-selling author podcast host of the show She Coaches Coaches, and life & business coach for coaches. Candy helps smart people start successful coaching businesses. She believes that coaching transforms lives and that being a coach is a calling. She helps coaches get unstuck & feel more confident so they can play bigger, sign clients & create more meaningful success. She is a 'recovering' corporate executive & engineer who combines practical strategy & mindset in her calming unique approach.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • What you need to know about Candy
  • What was going on in her life when she started to dance
  • Trying something new for the first time as an adult 
  • Making choices that are outside of your comfort zone 
  • Her feelings when signing up for her first ballet class
  • Receiving ridicule from other moms 
  • Doing her ballet exams
  • What she has learned about herself through ballet
  • The affects ballet classes had on her life 
  • What’s next for Candy
  • Advice for getting started with dance today 
  • How dance has inspired her to ‘play’ in her daily life


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