I Just (Was Charged with Vehicular Homicide)! Now What? With Brittnie Hamilton



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In this powerful episode, we bring you the incredible journey of Brittnie Hamilton, a remarkable mindset coach who has made it her mission to help others become unapologetically confident and bold in the pursuit of a life they love.

Brittnie's journey took a tragic turn when she found herself involved in a car accident that would change her life forever. The accident resulted in her being charged with vehicular homicide, a moment that would forever be etched in her memory.

The emotional rollercoaster continued when Brittnie received the devastating news that the man she had unintentionally hit in the accident had tragically passed away. Facing the harsh reality of her actions, she embarked on a tumultuous journey through the legal system.
Perhaps the most remarkable chapter of Brittnie's story is her journey to appeal her sentence.
Upon her release from prison, Brittnie faced the daunting task of rebuilding her life from scratch.. She navigated probation, took her relationship with her boyfriend to new heights, and explored new opportunities beyond her previous career in a salon.

Brittnie's journey also led her to become an author, sharing her remarkable story in a compelling book. In this episode, she offers invaluable advice for those facing real hardship and setbacks, drawing on her own experiences as a source of inspiration.

Join us on this emotional and transformative journey as we explore Brittnie Hamilton's incredible story of redemption, resilience, and the unbreakable human spirit. Her story is a testament to the power of transformation and the incredible potential within us all.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What you should know about Brittnie
  • The car accident that led her to being charged with vehicular homicide 
  • Her feelings in the moment when she found out the man she hit had died
  • Going through court and hearing her sentence
  • The booking process and going through the system
  • Her boyfriend’s role and how he continued to show up for her
  • Creating a routine for herself in prison
  • Her experience of preparing for bootcamp
  • The process of appealing her sentence and getting it overturned 
  • How she handled the appeal on an emotional level
  • Her next steps after prison and what it felt like starting her life over again
  • Taking the next step in life with her boyfriend
  • Working after prison 
  • Her book and why she wrote it
  • Advice for those experiencing real hardship and setbacks

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