I Just (Was Sexually Harassed)!! Now What? with Susan Gold

**Trigger warning for this week’s episode - deals with sexual abuse and family trauma. 

Hey Friends,

This week’s interview is a harder topic, yet incredibly inspiring, filled with hope and wisdom. Susan Gold joins me to share her story and opens up about the painful truth of her past - the unimaginable sexual abuse she endured from a young age within her own family and the sexual harrasment she encountered in the early years of her career.

You'll be moved by Susan's courage as she recounts the pivotal moment when she found solace in confiding in the legendary Barbara Walters, who provided a compassionate ear and unwavering support, and how she worked up the courage to face her abuser.

The moment of confrontation can be both terrifying and liberating. Susan will share her thought process during that crucial encounter, offering insights into the emotional rollercoaster she experienced.

Even through this darkness, Susan found a way to embrace gratitude and transform her pain into strength, and we talk about the uplifting moments of her story, where she found light and hope even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Susan Gold is magical. After a challenging upbringing she made her way to NYC to become known for matching celebrities to brands. She experienced sexual harassment in the workplace and has a unique story of standing up to it.  Her memoir: Toxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma into Adult Freedom is her personal and professional trajectory, not to be missed!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What you need to know about Susan
  • Sexual abuse from a young age within her family 
  • Confiding in Barbara Walters and confronting her abuser
  • Starting her own talent brokerage 
  • How she originally got her talent agency job
  • The tools she used to help muster the courage to say something and do something
  • Susan’s thought process during confrontation 
  • Finding gratitude in the situation 
  • Information about her book

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