I Just (Miscarried Again)! Now What? With Vanessa Chopra

 I've never had a miscarriage, or at least I don't think I've had one.  And to be honest, for me it would be a blessing. Because that would mean I would have been pregnant for a brief moment.   There are so many different sides of infertility, not being able to conceive for so many reasons that can and can't be explained.  And then those who can conceive, but can't hold onto those pregnancies for reasons that can and can't be explained.  No matter what camp someone falls into, it really hard to go through. 

This week’s episode is with Vanessa Chopra, an accomplished explorer, entrepreneur, marketer and most recently mom to baby William. 

She shares her story about her journey through multiple miscarriages and finally giving birth of her son William. 

As you’ll hear in the episode, Vanessa went through three miscarriages, and each one brought its own fears, doubts and worries that she and her partner had to work through.

Vanessa is a partner at LuxStory media, an agency that builds and deploys marketing strategies for brands from a fresh lens that is diverse and inclusive, especially when speaking to the all important female buyer. Prior to joining LuxStory, Vanessa has experience with branding for international fashion and lifestyle brands. 


Listen in as we talk about:

  • How Vanessa processed her three miscarriages
  • The emotional toll the miscarriages took on Vanessa and her family
  • What led her to IVF and welcoming her baby William into the world
  • How her journey strengthened her marriage
  • The guidance she gives to other women in a similar situation


Smiles, Jessica  


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