Life Just (Served Me a Lemon)! Now What? With Rachel Kelly


Hey Friends,

Have you ever heard these myths about entrepreneurship? 

  1. Myth: Entrepreneurs must stick to their original plan no matter what.
  2. Myth: Being stubborn and resistant to change is a key trait of successful entrepreneurs.
  3. Myth: Open-mindedness is a weakness that hinders decision-making. 


But here's the truth: adaptability and open-mindedness are paramount for entrepreneurial success. In an ever-changing business landscape, being flexible and willing to embrace new ideas and perspectives is crucial.

Join us as we welcome Rachel Kelly, a seasoned entrepreneur, who will share her insights on the importance of cultivating adaptability and open-mindedness in entrepreneurship – especially when life gives you lemons. Get ready to debunk these myths and gain inspiration and guidance on navigating the challenges that come your way.


Listen in as we talk about:

  • Rachel's inspiring transformation from running a co-working platform to becoming a florist, inspiring your own career shifts.
  • The hardships Rachel went through during the pandemic, her decision to close Make Lemonade, and absorb her resilience to apply in your own business struggles.
  • Appreciating the importance of flexibility and objectivity in entrepreneurship, encouraging you to adopt these traits in your ventures.
  • Rachel's encounters with imposter syndrome and fostering your personal growth.
  • The life-changing influence of chasing one's passion, guiding you towards unexpected sources of fulfillment.

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