Are there incredible things about you that you shy away from sharing with other people, especially at work? 

It makes sense that we show up differently than our most authentic selves when it comes to the workplace, but the challenge is that it can make us really, really unhappy. 

At the end of the day, we spend so much time of our lives at work, and when we can’t be our true selves, it can be soul crushing.

My guest this week is Asha Davis, an Integrated Strategy Director at a top tier NY Ad Agency. She also co-hosts and produces The Disruptor Series podcast. 

Canadian-born and NY based, Asha has over a decade of experience in the advertising industry and has helped top-tier brands including Dove, Huggies, and Nissan 'connect the dots' across their communications and organizations to create award-winning campaigns. In addition to being an accomplished marketer, Asha is also a talented stand-up comedian and writer and has performed at some of the most famous comedy clubs in New York.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How therapy helped Asha discover her main source of unhappiness at work
  • Why Asha had a hard time bringing her true self to the office
  • How her work dynamic changed once she did
  • The importance of multicultural voices in every workplace
  • The campaigns and ideas Asha had once she was able to bring her true self to work, and how it gave the teams she has worked on a broader perspective of different voices and cultures
  • How showing up as her authentic self at work helped her outside of work too

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