Have you had to move back home with Mom and Dad? Maybe you finished school and needed a safe place to regroup before venturing off on your own, for real! Or maybe you were on your own and plans didn’t really go your way and you’ve found yourself back in your childhood bedroom! Well that’s what happened to Jami Monte and shares how moving back in her parents helped to regroup and refocus. Which led her to do some amazing things!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What sparked Jamie to leave her corporate job and condo in Toronto to travel the world
  • Why she moved to Paris
  • How coming home from Paris was humbling as she moved back in with her parents
  • Jami’s uncertainty about her future and her career
  • How she get back onto her feet and started a business she loves

Jami is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who is passionate about educating entrepreneurs. She is the creator of the ChillBooks ™ (Formally the Bookkeeping Bootcamp) - a course that helps solo entrepreneurs create a bookkeeping system so they can feel more confident in their finances, minimize their taxes and increase profitability.

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