Have you ever been asked a question by your kids, sibling, niece or nephew that just made you go ‘oh gosh, how do I respond to this, now what?

That’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode with my guest Mandi Nuttall when she was asked by her son what sex was.

Luckily for Mandi, she already had her answer prepared, and is on a mission to help other parents do the same.

Mandi and her kind-hearted husband Matt found out real quick how easy it is to go from 3 to 5 kids after twins rocked their world. In between the craziness of motherhood, Mandi has found another incredible purpose: publishing her first book, The Birthday Suit Book 1: Yearly Guides to Easily Teach Children Ages 1 to 9 About Their Body and Sex.

Mandi believes in the limitless potential within families to do good and raise knowledgeable children. She believes that we have one shot to teach our kids to respect their body, and we can't leave that up to the world—it's our job and divine responsibility.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • What Mandi learned from interviewing 126 parents on their definition of sex
  • How to talk to kids of different ages about sex
  • When Mandi knew she needed to write a book about sex education and why it’s an important resource for parents
  • How different sexes digest the information about their bodies

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