Have you felt stuck recently? Maybe you’re enjoying your job, you have happy and healthy kids, your business is doing well, and your relationships are thriving. 

Yet, there’s still that small pit in your stomach nudging you to get unstuck.

This is what we’re talking about with my guest, Jacqui Acree, in this episode. Jacqui felt that same feeling of being stuck, and wasn’t sure exactly why it was happening. On the outside, everything looked put together, and on the inside, she couldn’t have felt more disconnected.

Jacqui is a self-compassion advocate, goal trauma coach, and self-help disruptor. She uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - more commonly known as “tapping”) to help highly sensitive women free themselves from chronic stress, perfectionism, and their inner critic so that they can embody the power they’ve always had within.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Having everything going well on the outside but feeling so stuck on the inside
  • The key moments that shifted Jacqui’s awareness
  • How she was introduced to EFT
  • Why it’s hard to have massive change in our lives
  • How to use tapping to move through mindset blocks

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