Hey Friends! 

It's here...!  My podcast is live and ready to be loved!  Wow I can't believe this day is here, as it's been over two years in the dreaming! Yeah, I had this idea for a podcast for 2 year and I just didn't do anything with it, it stayed on my One Day Shelf!  In those two years I watch more and more people launching their podcasts and I was seriously jelly! 

I would think to myself, "Jessica, other people are doing the thing you want to do.  Get on it!"  So as the two year anniversary of this podcast idea approached, I just decided that the time was now!  So I made the best decision ever...I told my master mind group that I was launching my podcast!  It was out there in the world, other people now know my intention and this group of people are accountability ninjas!  They would keep me accountable and make sure I don't bail on this passion project.   Each week they asked about my podcast and I needed to show my progress! Even if it was just one thing, I had to make progress towards launching!  They also did something that solidified my commitment, they bought me a microphone.  They invested in me and my project, so there is no way I was not going to make this happen. I had no choice but to do it!  I got to work, I made this website, hired a podcast producer (my second best decision) and recorded my first episodes!  

I Just (Launched a Podcast)! Now What?!  Share it with the world!  

I hope you enjoy it!

Smiles, Jessica

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